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Get up, you son of a bitch, cause mickey loves ya!! [entries|friends|calendar]

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The vault [9. 21. 05 // @ 7 : 58 pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

This is to anyone that goes to shows.

and i dont mean you little shits that go there to drink and break shit.
the vault is closing, due to zoning problems. And its fucking bogus.
If the city gets contacted enough it might make a difference.


if you think youre smart enough to say something, AND DONT SWEAR AND MAKE US ALL SEEM LIKE IDIOTS, call city hall about it.
or email the mayor
DO NOT, DO NOT hate mail him, it wont make a difference.
Tell him what shows mean to you, and ask him to reconsider.
We need the vault, people, dont let it fucking die.

Did you Feel the revolution get 14 times tigher around your neck?

Yo [9. 11. 05 // @ 7 : 01 pm]
[ mood | content ]

So lyke, Nick and jake bestowed me with an honour ( in their words ).

Im part of the christ punchers. Lol yes, christ punchers. Its a " band " where we play whatever the fuck we want. lol


Oh, and walter, sorry. But just know the angrier you get, the easier it is to be brutal with you. So lighten up a bit, and i will too.



Did you Feel the revolution get 9 times tigher around your neck?

[9. 6. 05 // @ 8 : 00 pm]
[ mood | A tad agitated ]

Dear Girls

Go play in traffic.




**love it when Im mad for an obvious reason and the girlfriend doesnt understand.

Did you Feel the revolution get 12 times tigher around your neck?

Your famous last words started as soon as your fingers hit the snooze [9. 5. 05 // @ 1 : 40 am]
[ mood | content ]

So. My parents brought me leftovers from swiss chalet. And i ate it. And im drinking the chalet sauce.

Shut up, i dont want to drink any more coke.

And its actually kinda good.

I need to go to bed. Seriously.

Vikki, things better not change when school starts.

Dear *insert your name here*

We need to hang more.

love, cj

Did you Feel the revolution get 22 times tigher around your neck?

Classes [9. 1. 05 // @ 8 : 59 pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

  • Homeroom - English, Mrs Battel ( Not a good homeroom. she sings. )
  • 2nd- Math, Mr Borrelli ( again, not a good morning class, since i almost failed it last year )
  • 3rd - Photography, Mr Leopold ( pretty cool guy, when hes not being a fag and stuff )
  • 4th - Science, mr Duricic ( nick and shane in this class, yippie! )
  • 5th- Careers/Civics, Mr smith
  • 6th- Art, mrs pistor ( So im actually gonna have to do my work this year. )
  • 7th - Canadian History, Mr Brown ( Canadian history blows )
  • 8th - Food, Mrs Frowley. ( I wanted this before lunch. )

Got new shoes today. Black vans slip-ons. I might get the brown and tan checkered ones in a while. Maybe.

If i have any classes with yo ass, tell me. <333
Did you Feel the revolution get 19 times tigher around your neck?

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