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  • Homeroom - English, Mrs Battel ( Not a good homeroom. she sings. )
  • 2nd- Math, Mr Borrelli ( again, not a good morning class, since i almost failed it last year )
  • 3rd - Photography, Mr Leopold ( pretty cool guy, when hes not being a fag and stuff )
  • 4th - Science, mr Duricic ( nick and shane in this class, yippie! )
  • 5th- Careers/Civics, Mr smith
  • 6th- Art, mrs pistor ( So im actually gonna have to do my work this year. )
  • 7th - Canadian History, Mr Brown ( Canadian history blows )
  • 8th - Food, Mrs Frowley. ( I wanted this before lunch. )

Got new shoes today. Black vans slip-ons. I might get the brown and tan checkered ones in a while. Maybe.

If i have any classes with yo ass, tell me. <333
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